Sustainability and responsibility are the founding pillars of Elvang

– it’s our raîson d’etre and turning point for every single decision we make. For us, this means caring for the people we work with, the quality of the products we make and being gentle on the environment. We are classified on the highest level as Guaranteed Member with the World Fair Trade Organization and we’ve also signed UN’s Global Compact Initiative, which focuses on social responsibility and sustainable production.

We’ve carefully chosen on our suppliers based on criteria of sustainability and responsibility and to produce our designs locally in Peru. That’s where our primary material, the alpaca wool, comes from and also because of the immense tradition for craftsmanship the Peruvians have honed for centuries. By using local materials and production facilities we keep employment and the corresponding economy in the community.

It has been key in our choice of supplier that the workplace has a comprised CSR-program, where employees’ terms aren’t compromised. Since our start in 2003, Elvang has worked closely with one of Peru’s biggest weaving factories, which sustain a strong CSR-program. Amongst other they have free medical and dental consultation for employees and their families, let employees choose if they wish to work overtime, have no child labour, comply with minimum wages, offer educational aide for employees’ children and the factory has appointed a CSR responsible and shop steward. Finally, our supplier helps the Peruvian alpaca shepherds for free with how they can improve their alpaca business in a number of areas.

80 per cent of all wool used in Elvang products is recycled. This means that our designs are made from wool recycled from other productions, which otherwise would have been discarded. By pulling the wool apart the original fibres will reappear, making it possible to spin new yarn for weaving new textiles. This is a way for us to minimize the waste of already existing resources and instead give them new life in Elvang designs.

By producing in Peru, far away from Denmark, we have to consider how we transport our goods. As far as possible, we try to avoid airway transportation to minimize our CO2-footprint on the climate. Instead, it’s our goal to ship at least 90 per cent of our production home.

Elvang is very proud to be one of very few companies

in Denmark to have reached status as Guaranteed Member with the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). As Guaranteed Member with the WFTO we are obliged to comply with WFTO’s 10 principles for fair trade.

It’s a certification guaranteeing that our collective supply chain is investigated in terms of complying with the demands for fair trade – this means our company in Denmark as well as our Peruvian suppliers. A WFTO certification does not only certify the products, but the entire company.

A Guaranteed Member certification with the WFTO must be renewed every other year, which ensures that the 10 principles are continually abided by.

The 10 principles are:

  1. Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
  2. Transparency and Accountability
  3. Fair Trading Practices
  4. Payment of a Fair Price
  5. Ensuring No Child Labour and Forced Labour
  6. Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Women’s Economic Empowerment and Freedom of Association
  7. Ensuring Good Working Conditions
  8. Providing Capacity Building
  9. Promoting Fair Trade
  10. Respect for the Environment