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Alpaca in General
Alpaca is one of the most luxurious fibres available today. Alpaca fibres do not contain lanolin. This means that if you are allergic to wool, which does contains lanolin, you should try our baby alpaca luxury blankets. Alpaca fibres are also fine and thin which allows for minimal pilling on our products.

The fibres are semi-hollow which means that they provide an insolating effect and are consequently lightweight. Your own body warmth, and the alpaca’s ability to create a thermal effect, provides you with comfort and warmth, which is self-regulating.

All of our alpaca and alpaca/wool products are produced in Peru.

Baby Alpaca
This is our most luxurious quality. When baby alpacas are approximately two and a half years old, they are gently trimmed for the first time. This subtle fibre is lightweight and extremely soft – almost silk like. There is no other fibre that is as precious as baby alpaca. Our luxury baby alpaca blankets should be ecologically dry-cleaned to retain their shape and suppleness.

Alpaca/Wool Blends
Alpaca fibres are fine and thin as apposed to sheep wool that is harder and shorter. Combining these two fibres, however, creates a more affordable product that provides you with a slightly heavier weight yet with the softness of alpaca.  Scarves designed with this quality can be hand washed but we suggest you use an ecological dry-cleaner for your alpaca/wool throws and cushions.

Cotton and Organic Cotton
Our kitchen, table and bath collection is woven from pure cotton. Presently, we use organic cotton for the production of all our tea towels from Portugal. We choose the finest, softest cotton available.

Machine wash all our cotton products at 60 degrees C. Tea towels and table cloths can be ironed with a hot iron. Do not use detergents with optical whiteners and avoid fabric softeners all together. Never soak your textiles before washing but treat stains immediately with a stain remover, which you have tested in order to avoid colour loss.